Description: My first plan was to make a meditative series of pictures based on the changing fishing quota and landings of cod in the area around the Åland Islands and how it changes over time.
Unfortunately the task of understanding ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) advice on sustainable fishing and the EU ́s agreed TAC (quota not corresponding to the advice given by ICES) in correlation to how much fish there is and how much is caught (of which some is thrown back, dead?) became overwhelming and I gave up the idea of a meditative series.
Instead I tried to make use of the knowledge I had acquired and to visualise other elements affecting the survival of the cod, gradually realising that the cod around the Åland Islands is not tiny and infected with parasites. In fact it is reproducing despite low salinity and seems healther than in the rest of the Baltic sea. Moreover there seems to be a possibility that there is an independent stock for the Åland Islands.

Art Project 2021 “BAG NET - LOGBUCH”
Exhibition: "Altes Kühlhaus“, Rügen